9 Feb 2012: Bundy Park Update

Contractors on site Thu 9 Feb 2012 said that the project is moving forward swiftly. Weather permitting and with FieldTurf trucks on site today, the field could be totally complete and ready for use in just two weeks. But we are still in the middle of winter… Containment area for the #BundyDogPark its east entrance could be complete by the weekend!

Fence and entrance way to the BundyDogPark and containment area on the east end of the dog park should be complete this weekend.

FieldTurf® will take about two weeks to install.

Phase II construction at the KIPP Shaw Campus across the street continues and is set for a May 2012 completion and ribbon cutting according to official reports earlier this week.

Our new Shaw Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells and At Large Councilmember Phil Mendelson demonstrated some unprecedented leadership on and their care for the welfare of local residents by advocating for a forest garden adjacent to the athletic fields to the east side. A forest garden would not only serve local residents but be an educational tool and additional fresh food resource for staff and students at the KIPP Shaw Campus.

“Forest gardens allow communities to put plants together in a way that creates a garden ecosystem. Fruits, nuts, vegetables, herbs, and mushrooms can be grown in a diverse, high yield garden, even in densely built urban communities. Further, urban communities benefit by having additional fresh, local, organic food sources that serve to reduce reliance on imported food from other regions and keeps local money circulating in the local economy. Local environments benefit from the production of shade which reduces the heat island effect that allows adjacent buildings to reduce energy consumption, and the reduction of storm water run-off through improved soil quality.”
Full letter (pdf download).

Learn more about forest gardens here.


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